Considering expected milk source shortage due to global population growth in coming five years and shortage in organic food without chemicals we have found and prepared the product for milk drinkers (also for vegans; allergic people, elderly and as an energy drink for sportspeople) – Otmilk: thoroughly providing proteins and vitamins including myriad other healthy ingredients. Together with characteristics dairy milk our product has its special and crucial features and properties for human body health and, in additions, our product is considered to be consumable for children of all ages of what providing products are quite limited.
Containing nuts and seeds Otmilk doesn’t originate lactose, is not allergic like dairy-milk, doesn’t elaborate cholesterol.
Saving water, plant and energy with zero waste production Otmilk has considerably lower CO2 emission into the atmosphere than other dairy milk in the production process which occupies 3% of all greenhouse gases emissions in the world.